Temp Move!

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Since Eiran is on a pretty long hiatus due to work in the realm of the real, I’ve started blogging again but on tumblr. Herp derp, if you care to read just follow the link. Once Eiran can return for real, we will hopefully start blogging here again!



Positively blooming

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OMFGWHATISTHAT (and isnt it cute)

>.> Yes I’m late, and you’ve likely seen this avatar all over other blogs already. Nonetheless, I’m posting about Emma Gilmour’s Bloom Doll avatar, because this perfect mixture of cute and sometimes creepy definitely belongs in my inventory, trend or no trend! There are two male dolls and six female ones to choose from at the Sand Shack Surf Co. store. They’ve also got a Flickr photo contest going on, for more info see this entry in Emma Gilmour’s photostream. :D Now, pictures! Continue reading

Nya? Sales, Midian City, and More.

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Shock, shock, I’m a neko today. A rare sight indeed, but the cute neko ears and tail (sadly, dumpsters are not very tail friendly) from [CoCo] had me creating a new look. I love the little ball earring that dangles from one ear. Today, we’ve got some sales and a small peak in to a roleplay sim. Continue reading

Random hybrid tiem!

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Eiran's random hybrid avatar

Yes, “tiem”. Sometimes I speak lolcat.

I love putting hybrid avatars together when I get bored or stumped, even if it’s as simple as adding a pair of odd ears to an otherwise human shape. Some of my favourite things to look at are furry mods and spare parts. While I unfortunately don’t have the patience, actual talent and/or time to spend seriously modifying and retexturing things, I do like mixing and matching whatever stuff I can find… and possibly use it in RP at some point. Even if I don’t, it’s a fun and weird everyday look I can go back to from time to time. 8D

(Today’s hybrid look is brought to you by…)

Decorating your face with the Haus of Darcy

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Eiran in .HoD. Scorpio and Bulletproof I recently found myself a personal challenge upon being gifted with review copies of piercings from Aydan Darcy of -.HoD.- or the Haus of Darcy (thank you!!). :D While I’d never get piercings in RL, it’s easier to handle them on SL because… well, you can attach and detach with next to no hassle. Piercings are often a key element of some gothic and/or scene kid oufits, which I initially started to do, but before I finished an outfit a thought occurred to me: can’t I use them in a way that was neither?

So I put on my usual type of fantasy RP look, and added the piercings to my pegacorn, choosing the lightest colour variant. I think they added an instant quirk to what would have been an otherwise dainty hybrid look, lol. One thing I quickly learned is that you may need to adjust the widdle prims to suit your shape especially if some elements float and are not quite stuck to where they should be. It was easily done, not taking me more than a couple minutes, since the pictures the piercings came with were good reference to where the prims should go.

And I wandered through Siden to find some of my friends who also have -.HoD.- piercings! Our pictures follow below :DDD Continue reading

Forsaken, not abandoned

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Nami, Eiran and Pie in Forsaken City

Forsaken City holds the distinction of an RP sim I unwittingly discovered while trying to look for a shopping district that had apparently closed down. XD When I landed in the sim a few weeks ago, it had only been open for a handful of days. Now they are actively seeking roleplayers interested in a free-form dark urban environment. It’s similar to my home Siden in that portals have opened in the city to let in ghastly things, though Siden exists in nightmare ala Silent Hill, while Forsaken City is grounded in more-or-less reality where a worldly government has sectioned the place off from the rest of humanity.

That includes me and my friends Nami Lithanos and Pieta Nowles-Goldrozen, above. XD We decided to be scene children (that’s just my funny name for scene kids) and pose on the highway. Continue reading

/Wasabi Pills/ White Death

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Eiran in /Wasabi Pills/ White Death

Oh my. @.@ These pretty review copies from /Wasabi Pills/ are going to have me spoiled! Yet another armour set with great attention to detail (the first one featured on this blog was Khalon), the White Death set features an impressive bone motif and fantabulous texturing. My favourite parts of the armour would have to be the helmet and the chestplate with the skillful way the sculpts were put together.

Eiran in /Wasabi Pills/ White Death

The White Death helmet doesn’t come with hair, so you can use your own! It’s worth mentioning that out of the box, you have the option to attach the helmet to your chin, mouth, or nose, without having to make a copy and then trouble yourself with realigning it properly. XD The set also doesn’t come with a weapon, but I thought this freebie axe, with animations and all, from the marketplace worked rather well. Continue reading